"…enhancing partnerships to develop and sustain agriculture and fisheries…"


Section objective

“To provide expert animal healthcare and treatment, ensure wholesome meat & meat products fit for human consumption, develop import risk analysis for all animal cases as well as certification for exports”

Core functions

  1. Carryout animal disease surveillance and control
  2. Provide veterinary care for sick or injured animals
  3. Assist in farm advisory & training with focus on disease management.
  4. Oversee regulatory functions through issuance of certificates for importation/exportation of live animal & export permits for meat & meat production
  5. Liaise with the Quarantine Division on animal quarantine matters
  6. Perform diagnostic tests when required at the Division laboratory.
  7. Monitor & ensure hygiene standards in butcher shops
  8. Collect data on slaughtered carcasses and/or processed meat from meat every meat outlet.
  9. Demonstrate to train farmers on proper slaughtering practices & hygienic handling of carcasses.



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