"…enhancing partnerships to develop and sustain agriculture and fisheries…"


• Provide infrastructure support (installation of ice-making machine, deployment and monitoring of FADs) for the development of the commercial fishing industry

• Liaise with fish processors on the implementation of quality control programs for their operations.

• Assist and ensure the Commercial Fisheries Management Advisory Committee (CFMAC) continues to play a major advisory role in the development and management of the tuna industry.

• Liaise with relevant institutions for the promotion of Safety at Sea programs.

• Maximise economic benefits for the people from proper utilization of Samoa’s fishery resources.

• Promote aquaculture as an alternative means of harvesting wild fisheries resources.

• Ensure the availability of important invertebrate species in the marine and freshwater through the    Fisheries restocking programs.

• Maintain the high level of cleanliness and sanitation for the fish traders and the general public  visiting the Apia Fish Market on the daily basis.



·Ensure the implementation of appropriate management regimes for the subsistence, artisanal and commercial fisheries.

·Manage the offshore and inshore fisheries resources through provision of technical advice to stakeholders and government regarding coastal resource developments.

·Promote communities ownership and active participation of fisheries stakeholders in consultation workshops and trainings.

·Prepare and provide Management Plans for better monitoring and management of nearshore resources in village communities

·Establish and promote conservation measures for inshore fisheries resources including legislations and regulations.

·Continue with the general operations and maintenance of the Apia Fish Market on a daily basis.

·Ensure that the fish sold inside the Apia Fish Market is of good quality and safe for consumption


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